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6 Biggest Vegas Payouts of All Time

We all have heard of someone who won lots of money at once. Yes, it is possible. Especially those mega jackpots, one is always encouraged to try their luck as they might end up walking home the richest persons at the moment.

In Vegas, history has it that someone has ever won $40 million from a jackpot. What would you do if you won such an amount of money? Consider something you always wanted to do or get a list of things off your bucket list.

a) $39.7 million

Imagine passing time at a casino and you go home with a stunning $39.7 million. This happened to a 25-year-old lad at the Excalibur Casino. He was waiting for a basketball game tournament when he decided to put three $1 coins at a slot machine in the hotel-casino.

Little did he know he would go home a millionaire. The name of the lad is yet to be known but in his wisdom, he decided to cash out $1.5 million every year for the next 25 years.

b) $21 million and $4.6 million

Winning a jackpot twice in life seems like something impossible. This is not however the case with a 76-year-old vet who won a Megabucks jackpot. At first, he won %4.6 million. This money he used to travel around the world to destinations of his choice.

He did not stop playing and 16 years later, he landed on another $21 million in the same jackpot. What a charm! The money he won from this jackpot he used most of it for charity including victims of hurricane Katrina.

c) $8.9 million

A 71-year-old Amy Nishimura was on vacation when she visited Vegas and played on the same machine. Imagine from Hawaii to come to walk away with millions. It is said she did not play for more than three hours before she landed on the jackpot with less than 100 dollars.

When interviewed, Amy said she played with the same machine at the same time talking to it to be the lucky charm. It worked! Maybe we should also talk to a machine next time we game. We might be lucky.

d) $20 million – $40 million

An Australian Billionaire by the name Kerry Packer was on a trip in 1997 when she won a fortune in Blackjack and baccarat. This happened at the MGM Grand in Vegas. It is said he gave one of his men a stunning million. Such a lucky guy.

This did not last a long time as, after a few years, he lost $28 million while still gambling.

e) $11 million

John Tippin walked away with $11 million in 1996 during one of his vacations in Vegas. Unfortunately, he did not find happiness in the money he won as he published a book that mentioned the negative side of him being a multimillionaire.

The book is called, I did it! My life after Megabucks. To learn more, click here.

f) $27 million

A 60-year-old woman won $680,000 on the wheel of a fortune machine in Vegas. In her wisdom, she did not use all the money, instead, she continued playing and ended up winning $27 million. It was her lucky chance and she seized the moment.