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Reasons Why It’s Time to Change Your Blanket

Imagine that buying a weighted blanket is quite similar to buying any medicine. Similarly, whenever you want to buy any medicine which is prescribed to you, you do thorough research regarding the prices of the medicine, its manufacture, and the formula of the medicine. Likewise, a weighted blanket is just like any other medicine for many people. Hence, there are multiple things that one needs to consider before making the choice of buying a weighted covering from the market. So just like your medicines should be upgraded depending on your situation, the blanket ought to be updated as well. There are multiple reasons that determine why your blanket should be changed.

Weight of the blanket

This weighted blanket must usually have around 10% of the body mass. Your optimal weighted blanket’s mass varies. The weights preferred might range from 5% to 12% of the weight of a person who wants the blanket. Search for something like a quilt that gives you a sense of warmth yet still looks comfortable when users sit under it. Before you settle down on just one, you may try a couple of distinct masses. Sleepers who tend to feel claustrophobic may not be suited for weighted blankets. For most individuals, a weighted blanket weighing around 10% of body mass is preferable. A decent blanket should offer comfort, irrespective of its heaviness. Hence, as your body weight changes, you might need to replace the blanket as it is weight sensitive.

Cleanliness concerns

It is true that many people are obsessed with their favorite blanket, but one must understand that they can’t keep it forever close to them. At some point, they have to let go and replace it with any other blanket. When looking at the issue thoroughly, the blanket is home to many germs as well as some insects. The blanket is a very big piece, and it is not easy to wash it every single day. There are some germs that still persist living even if they are not being ignored. So one can say to you that you are not cleaning your blanket enough. Hence, replacing it is the only solution now that is viable.

Staying up to date with the technology

Technology has advanced a bit too much in the last few years. This becomes a very important reason why you should change your blanket. The engineers are innovating the weighted blanket to ensure that the consumer needs are being fulfilled. The conventional weighted blanket was different, and now this is very much different in such circumstances. This will allow the users to stay in touch with the changes in the process and even the ones that have been already processed.

The weighted blanket technology is one of a kind, but to keep it and use it, one must always take special care of cleanliness and body weights. In order to read more about weighted blankets, visit Mela.