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What are the Types of Event Management

Event management mainly involves the application of managerial skills to create and develop events that are well organized and professional. The types of events vary from small events to big events or private events to corporate events.

The event manager is expected to perform various tasks such as budgeting, site selection, decoration, security measures, scheduling, emergency plans, among others. Due to the complexity of their roles, event managers need to be professional project managers or event planners. You can also hire reputable event management firms to ensure your well-planned event is well-coordinated
and most importantly an event that does not bore your guests.

Types of event management

Private events

If you are organizing for a wedding, birthday party, funeral, festival gatherings, among others it is essential to hire an event manager. The role of the manager is to ensure that the party runs smoothly and is well coordinated. Additionally, it is vital for any event to be engaging by ensuring the guests are entertained and well served.

Corporate events

Businesses often plan events to market their products and services or build an image for their brand. People attending these types of events are educated and most probably judgmental about your business dealings.

The best way to ensure that the event is able to impress your consumers, suppliers, investors and business partners is by ensuring you incorporate event management tactics in your event. The personnel organizing the event needs to ensure that
the event is well budgeted for, the venue of the meeting is adequate, there is
proper seat arrangement for the guests and security is guaranteed.

Leisure events

Leisure events may include recreational activities, entertainment or sports activities. If you want your guests to be fully engaged and make the most out of their time it is vital to ensure that the event is well organized by professional. The main role of the event manager in such an event is to ensure that entertainers are ready on time, the venue of the event is favorable and security is assured.

Charitable events

Charitable events are held for various reasons. An organization may aim to aid the needy in society by supplying relief food and clothes. On the other hand, a medical organization may want to help patients access free medical facilities. Additionally, it can be a charity auction event.

Depending on the nature of the charitable events it is vital to ensure the event is professional and only the needy get the right assistance. The event manager will ensure that the event runs smoothly and the guests are handled the right way.


The types of event management are classified depending on the nature of the party. Different events require different management expertise. For instance, some event managers specialize in planning for weddings while others mainly do corporate events. Thus it is vital to identify the type of event you are planning then proceed to hire the right event manager. For best results, it is recommended
you hire reputable and experienced event managers who specialize in the event you are planning on.