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What Makes Your Video Rank in Search Results on YouTube?

YouTube is the biggest platform for the promotion of video content. If you are uploading good content, you can even create a viral video. The more quality keywords, hashtags, or content you use, the more chances to get your video on the highest-ranking place you will receive. The ranking also depends on the number of views, likes, comments, or shares you are getting on your videos. Engagement on the videos is one of the most important YouTube ranking factors. If you have a top-ranking video, you will get more audience and more revenue.

There are a number of factors that can make your video ranked first on YouTube.

Click-through rate

Try to boost the click-through rate of your video. If a lot of people click on your video, you will get a ranking boost from YouTube. Now, let’s see how you can boost the click-through rate; try to add captivating thumbnails in your video. The more attractive thumbnail you will use, the more the number of people clicking on your video will be. You also can use bracket statements to boost your video ranking. Statistics have shown that the people who use bracket statements get a 3 percent more click-through rate on their videos.

Tags and keywords

Tags and keywords are very important in improving the ranking of your video. But many people are using it in the very wrong way.  Like if you are putting 100 keywords in your video but not using the right keyword then these are not going to give you any benefit. Some people capture videos about blogging and use the keywords of motivational videos, in this way YouTube will not be able of knowing the exact topic of your video. So, make sure to use the keywords only related to your video. The correct way of using tags is to use the first few tags with the variations of the key tag, next you can use the synonyms of keywords, and you can use category text. This will explain the topic of your video in a more appropriate way.

Increase engagement

An increase in engagement signals will increase the chances of your video being ranked on top. Engagement signals are likes, shares, comments, and subscribers. Recent studies have shown that engagement signals are directly related to the ranking of YouTube videos. Once it was also said by YouTube that ranking partially depends upon the engagement on the posts. You can also improve engagement by improving the activity of your audience. You can use the tools like videos to have a good conversation with your clients. Furthermore, you also can ask your audience what kind of videos they want you to make.  By doing this, you will get to know about the taste of your clients, and also they will love to watch the videos that are made on their requests. Instead of asking people to subscribe, give them the reason to subscribe to your channels. If you need strategies about how you can increase the number of subscribers, you may also use the tools like TubeKarma.