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What Is a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents are actually professionals who are licensed to arrange all kinds of real estate transactions. The real estate agent will actually act as the representative between the buyers and the sellers and will really help them as they negotiate their prices. What the get as the payment for the work are the commissions. Every real estate agent will strive to reach a conclusive agreement with the clients so s to warrant their payments. Notably, all successful real estate agents need to be affiliated to a certain real estate broker who is actually more experienced and have higher degree licenses.

How do Real Estate Agents Work?

The responsibilities of the real estate agents do greatly depend on the person they are involved with! They may actually be dealing with the buyer or the seller and therefore the roles do vary depending on the subject they are dealing with at hand.

Sellers Agents

Seller real estate agents

For those working for the sellers, they are sometimes referred to as the listing agents. They primarily help the sellers in pricing the property and also advising them on the tips to make the product sale-able. The seller agents will then market the property through various platforms such as the networking, advertisements and also in the listing services. Also for that cases, seller agents can use services of real estate ISA companies.

Buyers Agents

For the agents who work for the buyers, they will initiate their roles by searching for the properties that are listed and they do the matching to ensure that it’s related to what the buyer was intending to acquire. They actually check the past sales history so that they simplify the task for the prospective buyers is arriving at a buying decision.

buyers real estate agents

Agents will actually keep on working together after even the decision and consensus has been arrived at. They will help their clients with many issues such as paperwork, communication on the progress and also the advising on the issues such as the inspections. The real estate agents never cease from working until the point where the deal is fully closed.

Clients are therefore advised to be aware of the agent that they are dealing with. It’s always good in building the relationships between the clients and the real estate agents. It’s also the mandate of the agents to disclose their identity so that the clients will be aware if they are dual agents or specific agents!


real estate agents

Traditionally, the real estate agents were being compensated depending on the way they sell the property! The commission plan was actually the best but the trends are now changing since the properties are listed in the selling platforms! The consumers will really do more of the research hence leaving the real estate agents with really very little to do. That’s why the brokerage companies may really charge less for expensive property. Some may decide to handle the whole transaction at a flat fee while others will let the sellers and buyers pay certain payments for the specific part of the sale process.