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How Can Healthcare Get Out of Digital Dark Ages?

The service industry is quite competitive. With the need to offer better quality service, medical practices are turning towards technology and other innovation. Systems such as the patient reminder service have offered many benefits to clinics and hospitals. To add, a large portion of the population lives through their phones. They have applications and digital tools that they manage operations and close down deals with.

The continuous and increased transaction of large volumes of data has led to the development of fast storage and retrieval of data. Many postulates that you can store information on the internet forever. But is it true? Can our children’s children have access to the information we have? Or could all of it be lost by the click of a button? 

The digital dark age

The title sounds quite shadowy and something out of a horror or dark fantasy film. To start, we would not assume that every reading this article understands the term. So, what exactly is the digital dark age?

The term refers to the insecurity and danger that lies with over-relying on digital tools and other technologies. Over the years, we have been relying on smartphones and devices in almost every sector of our lives. Now imagine if every industry and sector crashed. Our lives would be in shambles. Cars, planes, and other transportation methods would not move. People would be unable to withdraw money from the banks.

One of the chief causative agents for the digital dark age in the form of technology. Every day, we hear of new devices that contain different versions and updates. This means that data stored can be in danger of going extinct almost overnight. A good example is the use of floppy disks and CDs. The current market uses USB disks and streams from servers remotely. Can you now see the danger of the digital dark ages?

Strong internet-based architecture

One of the strongest solutions to the digital dark ages is having a safe and verifiable infrastructure. Healthcare industries should hire reputable companies that can design such systems. It might be costly initially but the benefits of it are numerous. The internet is made of a community of you and me. It can only be kept safe when everyone pulls up their socks and does their part. Each service provider must contribute to this.

IT Cloud Infrastructure

This form of infrastructure which has gained popularity over the years stores data and information on remote servers. Through the internet, a user can access the data. Cloud infrastructure is capable of handling massive amounts of data spanning hundreds of years. This solution will allow for generations to come to access information without loss in quality or content.

Cloud systems are also able to regulate their workload depending on the number of users on the system.